How to Earn $14,267 Monthly

Simply. Sharing. MEMES.


Dear NEO,

~ Your wish is my command.

If you choose... we’ll show you how to generate an additional $14,267 PER MONTH or more, while improving all aspects of your marketing. (*In less than 30-minutes per day!)

Simply. Sharing. MEMES.

Within the next 100 days or less.

And no; I'm not wearing a straight-jacket. 😼

(...Though you might have to be "a little kooky" to earn up to $20,000 PER DAY sharing memes!)

The truth is; MEMES can not only create you passive automated-cashflow online, but are arguably the greatest content-marketing tool of ALL-TIME.

The best part:

You don't even have to create the content!

+$5,000 FIRST WEEK!



+$2,000 SECOND WEEK!



+$5,000 JUST 3 DAYS!



Sounds like a heckuva deal, right!?

Well it gets better… because those figures only come from monetizing the 97% of folks that never buy your products or services anyway!

Meaning this not only works for people that DON'T have a business at all;

...But if you DO have an online business (or plan to start one) you can make substantially MORE by using MEMES to enhance your marketing in a multitude of ways...

Let me tell you how it works.

My friends call me David...

(Probably because that’s my name. Haha)

Jokes aside… I’ve been making a full-time living online since 2007, where I made my first 7-figures in Affiliate Marketing, then went on to sell everything from; digital products, physical products, supplements, E-commerce products -- along with consulting & professional copywriting services.

I’ve helped generate my clients:

“Over 9-figures and counting…

And as a Copywriter; I've been paid up to $300,000 per sales presentation.

(…A bit like this one, except they were much longer, a lot more more work, way less fun… and more than just over-simplified word-documents loaded with MEMES!)

Because the internet has changed.

So much so… that I recently stopped accepting “active clients” and decided to close-the-doors to my marketing agency all-together in 2020.

*Reason being;

I’m not really a fan of unnecessary energy-expulsion and discovered I could produce the same financial return with a tiny-fraction of the daily-effort...

And I could do it, largely just sharing MEMES.

…That’s right; MEMES!!

MEMES are the most fun I’ve had online.

For the first time in over a decade, I don’t even feel like I’m working!

(...Because most the time I'm not!) *MAKES LEO MEME FACE 🤣

I’ve used memes to:

— Create social followings…

— Generate 100+ leads per day

— Improve email, ad & sales copy…

— Secretly market new business projects

— {conduct covert psychological priming}

Even close high-ticket consulting clients!

For example…

The Director of a medical company contacted me for months.

We had a few conversations. Nothing happened!

So I text-messaged him a MEME — as a final straw.

He replied via text laughing and requested my bank wire info?

( …It was a FIVE-FIGURE SALE! 💰)


I mean BRUH.

Is nothing as simple, powerful and as time-efficient… as sharing memes!?

Seriously though…

When was THE LAST TIME one of your posts got:




I have many examples like that.

What's more...

Those aren't from some business page or huge following.

Just my (personal) facebook account. Nothing fancy.

Literally anyone can model it.

And with completely repeatable results.

And of course… they’re all MEMES!

The irony?

They weren’t even created by me.

That’s right...

Meaning ANYONE can actually do this!

MEMES totally level the playing field online…

(*When you know how to use them)

It’s never been this easy to spread an idea

around the world with such efficiency...

Think about it?

— There’s an endless online supply…

Others produce most of the content

— And the winners are quantified for you

Yet YOU get to be the AUTHORITY as the Curator!

MEMES are the perfect online marketing tool!

The perfect online marketing tool:

  • They don’t require paying for ads
  • They don’t require being sales-y…
  • They don’t require “hours per day” on Social Media
  • They don’t require SEO, coding or ANY tech-skills!
  • They don’t require writing long posts…
  • They don’t require shooting videos

Like I said... You don’t even have to create the content!

*Just don't be fooled into thinking major brands & influencers are using MEMES out of laziness... because they are incredibly easy to dismiss and carry more influence than most seem to realize...

It's partly what makes them so powerful.

  • "The Good Quote" grew over 30-million followers, transforming a one-woman show into a an internationally-prominent sought-out brand by many of the largest names online today. A significant story, considering their main page & marketing agency (The Good Agency) was built with MEMES!
  • Gary Vee... with his $100 million dollar media company (VaynerMedia) and 15-million-plus personal social media following -- has now literally begun creating MEMES of himself!
  • has a larger social following than both of the mentioned above [COMBINED!]
  • Everyone's gotten in on the MEME-action; from business-gurus, to celebrities, to world leaders...

"The Presidents of the United States"

even use MEMES in their paid ads!

Here’s the skinny…

Whether you’re marketing your own products…. offering services like “consulting or client work”… or just operating strictly as an Affiliate Marketer…

It really doesn’t matter.

(*I’ve personally produced over 7-figures with EACH ONE of them, *individually)

They all thrive on the same essentials.

Three simple ingredients:


Any business achieving all-three is pretty much immune to failure.

…The kicker?

MEMES make each-one faster & easier than ever before...


MEMES are the sugar, salt, caffeine and CRACK COCAINE of online content!

They allow you to capitalize on the persuasion-phenomenon, known as “commitment & consistency”

(…Meaning there’s a very low commitment to absorb your social posts, while cultivating an effortless incentive to repeatedly come back FOR MORE.

Think “foot-in-the-door”

Kirby Vacuum built a $3-billion company using this concept.

Their salesmen thrived on “getting inside your living room” to demonstrate the product.

They’d proven sales were much easier and more successful from there.

MEMES let you do the same thing online…

They get inside people’s heads and stimulate conversation & connection.

…Ever wonder how the “most successful business moguls” like the late Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or even Donald Trump — could always hijack the limelight and redirect attention back on themselves?


You can do the same thing, with MEMES!!


MEMES are consistently far more engaging than other posting-mediums.

A lot of this goes back to ATTENTION…

MEMES are simply better at distilling a focused-message — down into a singular digestible construct.

Thus more people ENGAGE.

In fact, if you look at the social profiles of some celebrity influencers…

You’ll notice MEMES seem to garner more ENGAGEMENT the majority of the time — while those INFLUENCERS are just curating and sharing the same memes we do!

It’s true, a few weeks after I shared this meme on Facebook…

Joe Rogan shared it on Instagram.

…You probably even remember when Joe posted some “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” MEMES back in October 2019, while literally MILLIONS of people around the world began sharing every version imaginable — continuing to this very day!

"Epstein didn't kill himself!"



Online today, if you aren’t (consistently) posting on Social… you’re sacrificing algorithmic-status, along with the greater focus on your audience.

Achieving wide Social Media reach demands daily consistency.

I personally struggled with such for OVER-A-DECADE…

Until MEMES!

My typical day consists of just 5-10 minutes of “meme gathering”

(I create additional filters that remove otherwise hours-of-work weekly… while also saving me from having to do it everyday, because many of my “good finds” get allocated to multiple days of content.)

Because let’s face it…

Creating typical online daily content is quite exhausting and unnecessary!

…In today’s online Social Media atmosphere, people can literally spend HOURS PER DAY socializing and producing various content…

MEMES simply allow you to fill content-delivery gaps and win-people-over one micro-commitment at a time — with exponentially easier CONSISTENCY!


It was possible to make up to $25k monthly with just those 3 steps using nothing but MEMES?!

(*we'll show you how today!)

Think about it...

MEMES aren’t just the perfect-replacement for most (daily) content marketing.

They are the concentration of all content-marketing!

You can take a good video… blog post… health article… political event… etc

Then distill any-of-their-highlights down into a MEME!

You save your prospects time and deliver the potency of any said message in one-instant-hit, while the "concentration-factor" allows for more obvious, quicker connection in the ocean of online clutter...

(And it's easier and more efficient than other content alternatives)


MEMES are resonance tools.

They foster CONNECTION…

Essentially helping us make friends.

And not just “social media” friends; REAL FRIENDS.

...People that appreciate You — and You, Them.

Many who can end up becoming your customers!

Simple beans.

*Share memes & MAKE FRIENDS!

...The Best Part?!

You get to completely be yourself!

MEMES have entered us into a zone of unprecedented connectivity, while removing all need to fake who you are or conform to pleasing everybody… and it actually works BETTER this way!

They help show people the real “offline” YOU, that can often get shadowed by technology.

MEMES are magic.

Because they are naturally covert it operation, they let you conduct-business agendas on social media without always shouting “I’m selling stuff”, allowing you to just relax and be YOU.

(*In most cases, no one even has to know you're selling anything -- until it's show time)

Plus the MEMES do most of the heavy-lifting...

Your biggest job is just channelling your truest self.

Get paid to be YOU!

We can show you how...

There’s literally no better time to become a MEME MASTER.

So we want to teach you how to do just that.

*All-things-marketing with MEMES!



You're going to learn…

  • The #1 reason MEMES destroy common content-publishing practices.
  • How to begin raking in commissions starting today without having to actually sell anybody... without selling your own products (or even have a business of your own!) *Earnings Disclaimer
  • How to attract free leads, sales, and even new consulting clients to you... just using MEMES! (*Even use MEMES to effortlessly close client sales, no joke!)
  • The greatest business secret Starbucks employs to generate MILLIONS of customers?! (Marketing guru's aren't mentioning a squeak about this... but you can apply it to your own peppy-business!

⚡️ How to auto-fund your advertising? ...Imagine unlocking your businesses growth potential, without financial strangulation!

  • How to *bypass* the need for petty salesmanship on social… while transforming your friends into happy automatic-cashflow crowds (*that will even refer you new customers without asking!)
  • Why MEMES create non-buyer dissonance, pushing prospects to eagerly buy from you -- while laughing and then actually THANKING AND BRAGGING TO YOU FOR IT! 😱
  • What makes MEMES "go-viral?" Watch over my shoulder as I breakdown some of the most viral-MEMES online… so you can apply what I show you to create or curate your own winning viral-MEMES! (*I do it over & over... It's like wetting your memes before adding electricity)
  • How to create a 4-5 figure monthly recurring-income just sharing some MEMES?! 🤯

        Plus you'll see:

        • How to exercise covert-tactics to manufacture rapid-ready buyers…
        • How to use MEMES to drop "fun sales pitches" your online friends won’t mind
        • How to cover base monthly-expenses, before your business even makes a sale!
        • How to earn compound-interest from everyone that RIPS OFF YOUR MEMES!
        • How to turn “online strangers” into your own viral brand advocates
        • How to {expand your business} into the greater mass-market (using MEMES)
        • The common-secret online millionaires use for exponential-leverage?

        And much more…

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